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Enspire Wellness Coaching |
Enspire Wellness Coaching |
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People are getting sick and they don’t know they are. No-one is taking control of real Wellness in the work space.


“Wellness” plans in the corporate space tend to be one dimensional and fail to actually lead people in to healthy lifestyle choices and keep regular interaction with them.


Enspire Wellness Coaching takes individuals or teams and guides them, over time, into a self-responsible lifestyle that absolutely changes their life. Enspire is a comprehensive and balanced wellness program, it is unique and ground breaking and can bring true wellness to the work place.

Why would a company want a wellness program?


Well the first thing is to understand that most people think that wellness is a facial, a massage or a blood pressure check and HIV test. According to the National institute of wellness, “Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.” Now it is quite obvious that well people (healthy people) perform better, whether on the sports field, in their personal life or in business. Optimum potential is optimum performance in the workplace. It is assumed that businesses want optimum performance out of their staff. We know, from the World Health Organisation, that South African’s have a 60% chance of getting a PREVENTABLE, chronic and debilitating illness that will cause premature death. It is going to affect your loved ones as well as your staff! Besides premature death, illness will also result in sub optimum performance at work, which will in all likelihood affect the bottom line.


A program that delivers on TRUE wellness can serve the company by decreasing health costs, less sick days and improve overall performance and productivity. Healthier people perform better, live and work happier, and are more loyal to their employers.